A Wall button (top-right) in Blood Omen


A selection of Wall buttons L-R: Cemetery 1, Cemetery 2, Nupraptor Chain Button, Nupraptor Hanging Chains, Nupraptor Sewer Orb, Sewers Symbol, Bastion symbol, Nupraptor Skulls, Bastion Flip Switch, Oracle Cave Orb, Mansion Flip Switch, Mansion Symbol, Bone Dungeon Symbol, Termogent Flip Vertical, Termogent Flip Horizontal, Termogent Bar, Avernus Cathedral, Avernus Hell Skull, Avernus Hell Shield, Spirit Wrack Flip, Spirit Wrack Push, Elzevir Push, Nemesis Symbol 1, Nemesis Symbol 2, Nemesis Symbol 3, Nemesis Flip

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