Around 500 years Before Blood Omen, The Vampire population in Nosgoth increased. In order to combat this raise, the Order of the Sarafan was created. Sponsored by the Circle of Nine, the Sarafan, with their leader, Malik, wiped out most of the Vampires of Nosgoth.

In the end, 4 of the top warrior-priests, lead by Raziel, went to the city of Uschtenheim, and killed the Ancient Vampire Janos Audron.


The only Vampires showed in Blood omen appear to be Vorador and his 'brides'. It is unknown If any other Vampires survived the Purges.



Preceded by:
The human revolt
Nosgoth's historical events
The vampire purge
Nosgoth's early history
Followed by:
The slaughter of the Circle

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