Vampire Hunter Cannoneers
Soul Reaver 2 enemiesMoebius's Vampire hunter troops
A Vampire Hunter Cannoneer in SR2
Introduced in Wiki-Icon-SR2Soul Reaver 2 (2001)
Race Humans
Aliases Cannoneers
Eras Pre-Blood Omen era
Territories Shrine area, Swamp, Sarafan Stronghold
Affiliation Moebius's mercenary army
Weapons Hand cannons
Abilities Long-range cannon shots
Vulnerabilities low health, little close combat capability
Soul? yes
Plane Material Realm
Appearances Wiki-Icon-SR2

Vampire Hunter Cannoneers were a were a Human 'vampire hunter' enemy class affiliated with Moebius's mercenary army. The Cannoneers were armed with hand cannons and were encountered in the Pre-Blood Omen era at the beginning of Soul Reaver 2.


Vampire Hunter Cannoneers were troops of Moebius's Vampire Hunter faction, encountered by Raziel in the Pre-Blood Omen era of Soul Reaver 2. They wore somewhat ragged brown cloth armor decorated with the symbol of Moebius's Vampire Hunters with a white hood and wielded portable hand-held cannons. Cannoneers would often be confronted along with other Vampire hunter allies[SR2][1].

Cannoneers were the ranged-attacking troops of the Vampire hunter faction; in combat, they kept their distance and used their cannons to fire cannonballs at Raziel from long-range. At close-range they had little combat capability (though they could use their cannons as a melee weapon in close-quarters) and little health with quickly charging them and singling them out being an effective tactic[SR2][2][1].[3]

Raziel first encountered Vampire Hunter Cannoneers in the Pre-Blood Omen era, shortly after he left the Sarafan Stronghold and ventured out into Nosgoth. They would frequently be encountered throughout that era and were later seen nearby the Shrine area, in the Swamp, and would be present in the Sarafan Stronghold after Raziel returned from forging the Light Reaver[SR2].


Vampire Hunter Cannoneer preparing for combat


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