The Transformed were an enemy class featured in Legacy of Kain: Defiance; they were created when a (living) Possessed host was transformed by the Possessing Hylden. The Transformed featured mainly in the later chapters of Legacy of Kain: Defiance.

The Transformed were first featured in Chapter 12 of Defiance; when Janos Audron sent Raziel to the Spirit Forge in the Vampire Citadel. The Transformed manifested when the weakening of the binding caused the breakdown of the barriers between the planes of existence; this process allowed the disembodied souls of Hylden to possess living hosts, crossing into the Material Realm and creating the Possessed. When the possession was of sufficient strength (and the victim and the binding sufficiently weak), The Possessed host would be "broken", consumed by the Possession and their bodies would transform into a monstrous, deformed spiky shape. The Transformed vaguely resembled the humans they had once been, though much of their body and limbs were overgrown or mutated.

The Transformed, like their 'predecessors' The Possessed, enjoyed increased strength and power, but their increased size and mass made them noticeably slower than other enemies. The transformed would often attack using its great strength, attempting a grab/throw move that enabled them to "slam its enemies like rag dolls". Like other Hylden enemies, the transformed were resistant to telekinesis attacks and were best dealt with quick combat techniques.


  • The description and appearance of the Transformed is noticeably reminiscent of the form taken by the Dark Entity in his boss battle at the end of Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain, when Mortanius' body was 'broken' by possession; the implication being that this form was not the true form of the Dark Entity, merely a deformation of Mortanius' flesh. As the true form of the Dark Entity was seen and fought in Blood Omen 2 (as 'the Sarafan Lord'), it is likely 'the transformed' were planned to explain the 'demonic' deformation of Mortanius in Blood Omen (though the Defiance transformed did seem to have a more 'randomly chaotic' appearance).


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