Wiki-Icon-BO1 Known events in the first timeline

Before Nosgoth's recorded historyEdit

(Accountable span of several millennia)

Nosgoth's early historyEdit

(Span of ~450 years)

  • At an indeterminate point before or during this era, an unknown seer predicts the future rise of the Legions of the Nemesis.[3]
  • Nosgoth's vampire population increases, incurring the attention of the Circle.[1][BO1-C6]
  • Dumah, Melchiah, Rahab, Raziel, Turel and Zephon join the Sarafan, and are trained to be devoutly loyal to the Circle of Nine.[1][BO1-C5]
  • The vampire purge: The Sarafan wage war on Nosgoth's vampires. Malek leads the brotherhood to many victories, killing thousands of the vampire race. Several of Vorador's friends, lovers and vampire children are slain, but he and Janos Audron elude their attacks.[1][3][BO1-C5][BO1-C6]
  • Janos Audron is murdered by the Sarafan. His heart, the Heart of Darkness, is ripped from his chest and later pronounced a relic.[BO1-Misc]
  • Wiki-Icon-BO1 (~0) The slaughter of the Circle: Vorador fights back against the human Circle of Nine for their sponsorship of the Sarafan, infiltrating the Sarafan Stronghold and killing the Balance, Dimension, Energy, Mind, Nature and States Guardians. He battles, defeats and humiliates their protector, Malek.[BO1-C5][BO1-C6]
  • (Long before ~450) The Sarafan disband, and their crusade ceases.[1]

Pre-Blood Omen eraEdit

(Span of ~50 years)

  • (~0-40) Moebius continues to conspire with William, resulting in the creation of the prophesied fanatical and ruthless Legions of the Nemesis. William becomes known as the Nemesis, an unstoppable tyrant destined to bring about the end of civilization. Over time, many cities, including Stahlberg, fall to the Legions on their gradual march from the north.[BO1-C9][3]
  • Wiki-Icon-BO1 (~20) Possessing Mortanius's body, the Dark Entity murders Ariel. Kain, her successor as Guardian of Balance, is born to an aristocratic family.[1][9]
    • Wiki-Icon-BO1 The corruption of the Pillars: Nupraptor, Ariel's lover, finds her corpse and realises that Mortanius was responsible for her death. Overwhelmed with grief and suspicions of treachery, Nupraptor plunges into madness, unleashing a psychic onslaught directed at the entire Circle of Nine. Throughout all Nosgoth, the minds of the sensitive and intellectual are blasted by waves of hatred. The Circle is permanently left mentally corrupted, and the Pillars physically crack and corrode.[1][3][BO1-C2]
  • Ariel's specter begins to haunt the Pillars of Nosgoth.[9]
  • The insane and deranged Guardians unleash their powers against Nosgoth, with malicious intent. Anarcrothe, Bane and DeJoule create the Dark Eden. Azimuth begins indiscriminately summoning malevolent demons and creatures in numerous cities, leaving the populace at their mercy. Nupraptor practices self-mutilation, sewing his own eyes and lips shut, and terrorizes pilgrims who journey to his retreat near Vasserbünde.[3][10][11][BO1-C7][BO1-C3]
  • King Ottmar of Willendorf holds a contest to celebrate his daughter's birthday, offering a royal favor to the creator of the finest doll in the realm. Among hundreds of submissions, Elzevir the Dollmaker's entry is proclaimed the winner. Elzevir takes a lock of the Princess' hair in payment.[BO1-C9]

Blood Omen eraEdit

(Span of ~1 year)

  • (During, or shortly before, ~0) Azimuth begins summoning and unleashing Demons on Avernus, setting the city on fire. Trade from Avernus to Vasserbünde ceases.[3][12][BO1-C8]
  • Wiki-Icon-BO1 (~0) In the Underworld, Mortanius offers Kain the opportunity to avenge himself. Kain hastily accepts, and is reborn as a vampire.[1][BO1-C1]
    • Wiki-Icon-BO1 Kain awakes in his mausoleum, and kills his assassins near Ziegsturhl. Informed by Mortanius that the true culprits still live, and seeking a cure to his vampirism, he meets the specter of Ariel at the Pillars of Nosgoth, who instructs him to destroy the corrupt Circle of Nine and restore the Pillars.[BO1-C2][BO1-C3]
    • Wiki-Icon-BO1 Kain travels through Nachtholm and Vasserbünde, and infiltrates Nupraptor's Retreat. He beheads Nupraptor and returns the head to the Pillars. The Pillar of the Mind is restored.[1][BO1-C3]
    • Wiki-Icon-BO1 Passing through the plague-ridden Coorhagen, Kain travels to northern Nosgoth and flies to Malek's Bastion. He attempts to destroy Malek, but fails. Kain travels to the Oracle's Cave in search of a means to defeat Malek.[BO1-C5][BO1-C4]
    • Wiki-Icon-BO1 Moebius, posing as the Oracle of Nosgoth, advises Kain to seek Vorador in the Termogent Forest.[3][BO1-C5]
    • Wiki-Icon-BO1 Kain meets Vorador, who gives Kain his Signet Ring.[1][BO1-C6]
    • Wiki-Icon-BO1 Kain travels to Dark Eden and kills Bane and DeJoule, while Vorador destroys Malek.[1][BO1-C7]
    • Wiki-Icon-BO1 Kain returns Bane's Antler Headdress, DeJoule's Insulating Cloak and Malek's Helmet to the Pillars. The Pillars of Conflict, Energy and Nature are restored.[1][BO1-C7]
    • Wiki-Icon-BO1 Kain journeys south through Avernus. In Avernus Cathedral, he discovers the Soul Reaver, and claims it for his own. With the Reaver, he slays Azimuth, and obtains the time-streaming device she stole from Moebius.[1][BO1-C8]
    • Wiki-Icon-BO1 Kain returns Azimuth's Eye to the Pillars. The Pillar of Dimension is restored. Ariel advises Kain to combat the Legions of the Nemesis.[1][BO1-C9]
    • Wiki-Icon-BO1 In Willendorf's Provincial Mines, Kain drinks the blood of one of King Ottmar's noble forefathers, gaining the Beguile ability. Using this, he infiltrates Willendorf Castle and meets Ottmar, who offers his kingdom to whomever can restore his daughter to life. Kain hunts down and kills Elzevir, and returns the Princess' soul to Ottmar. Ottmar and Kain join forces against the Nemesis.[1][BO1-C9]
  • Wiki-Icon-BO1 The Battle of the Last Stand: Led by Ottmar and Kain, the Army of the Last Hope meets the Legions of the Nemesis in battle. The Legions are victorious, decimating the Army of Hope, killing Ottmar and cornering Kain. Kain retreats by activating the time-streaming device, and is propelled 50 years backward in time to the pre-Blood Omen era.[1][BO1-C9][BO1-C10]

(No later events in this timeline are covered in the series.)

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