The Sunlight Glyph Altar was an industrial area in southern Nosgoth in the Soul Reaver era seen in Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver, where the Lighthouse featured as an optional area where Raziel could obtain the Sunlight Glyph. It encompassed a landlocked, waterlogged valley directly south of the Silenced Cathedral, bisected by a towering machine designed to emit light. By the time of Raziel's return to Nosgoth following his execution, the mechanism had become defunct, and its surroundings were inhabited by the Turelim.


The Sunlight Glyph Altar can be accessed through a grate in the moat surrounding the entrance to the Silenced Cathedral. After a short excursion through flooded tunnels Raziel enters an open area dominated by a large lighthouse. The puzzle to obtain the Sunlight Glyph involves manipulating a series of large industrial machines to re-activate the Lighthouse, and use the properties of the Spectral Realm to freeze its beam at the precise moment when it shines onto the Sunlight Glyph altar.


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The Sunlight Glyph Altar is unusual within Soul Reaver and indeed the later games in the series, as it is a large area with a single puzzle item to receive within it - even in the Original Soul Reaver Storyline, no other glyph takes up so much space within Nosgoth, which has no implications for the plot. The Sunlight Glyph Altar was however, one of the first demos released to the public, this may have been its entire purpose. Lighthouses were a common theme in Chapter 10:Wharves of Blood Omen 2, where Kain manipulated them several times, activating two smaller lighthouses and repositioning a third larger lighthouse (the level also includes a 'lighthouse' icon sign). Another lighthouse is also seen briefly in Chapter 1:Slums.



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