Special Attacks were special combos that Raziel and Kain could perform in Defiance .

Special Attacks were learned as the character levelled up; each character had five Special Attacks; a standing Combo, a mid-air combo, an lift attack, a mid-air lift attack and telekinetic stasis attack

Special Attacks
Type of Attack Raziel's Attacks Kain's Attacks
Standing Striking Combo Perforate Carcass Cadaverous Laceration
Mid-Air Combo Phantasmal Tempest Sanguine Censure
Lift Attack Shatter Spirit Infernal Sundering
Mid-Air Lift Attack Empyreal Rending Nightmare's  Hammer
Telekinetic Stasis Stasis Field Kinetic Shackles



The unused special attack

  • Kain's Cadaverous Lasceration attack strongly resembles the Berserk Dark Gift seen in Blood Omen 2 .
  • At least one of the special attacks was discarded and unused in the final game. Appearaing in artwork by Daniel Cabuco, the attack seems to be a mid-air slam similar to the final Empyreal Rending

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