"With this third and final weapon, the mystery of the fountain would be solved."

The Soul Stealer was an item used by Raziel in Legacy of Kain: Defiance. The last of three spear-like items collected by Raziel in Vorador's Mansion in the chapter Find Vorador, the spear was ultimately used to open the way to the Water forge.


"These gargoyles were effigies of the Vampires' enemies. In the corresponding murals they were impaled by heroic Vampire warriors. Perhaps this was a clue..."

The Soul Stealer was a quest item in Legacy of Kain: Defiance that was used by Raziel in the chapter Find Vorador as he ventured into Vorador's Mansion in the Blood Omen era seeking Vorador.[DEF][DEF-C8][1]

As Raziel entered and explored Vorador's Mansion, he soon found an unusual chamber with a distinctive fountain at its heart. Above the fountain three Hylden effigies were positioned on the balcony, each channelling water into the pool below. Around the edges of the chamber several frescoes and murals were positioned depicting three Ancient Vampire champions impaling Hylden adversaries with unique spear weapons - with finding the three spears being a main objective to Raziel in that chapter.

Shortly after, Raziel could explore the flooded crypt beneath the mansion where he discovered a locked door marked with a skull-faced champion bearing a spear and sealed by an unusually-shaped lock. Exploring the nearby cistern, Raziel could recover the Gold and Silver halves of Vorador's Crest and return them to the flooded crypt - opening the way to the crypt chapel, where a statue of the champion was positioned. Using the Reaver spell of the Fire Reaver to light the Fire sconces within cause the Soul Stealer spear to appear in the hands of the statue and once he had defeated the Guardian constructs that joined he was free to take the spear.

Returning the spear to the fountain room Raziel would use it to impale the last of the stone Hylden statues. This cracked the murals featuring the same spear and opened a warp to the Water Forge in the pool of the fountain.


  • The Soul Stealer is explicitly named as such in the inventory and its name is reiterated in the official guide.[DEF][DEF-C8][1] Pre-release concepts in Bonus materials and game files label the item as the "Soul Stealing Artifact" or "Soul Stealer Spear" and note other features of its design.[DEF] A third variant title is mentioned by lead artist Daniel Cabuco in his website calling the spear the "Soul Spear".[2]
  • The Spears the statues hold and which are later used to impale some Hylden statues to allow Raziel access to the Water Forge refer to Raziel in his different 'states' - they are named 'Heart Seeker' (after Raziel's quest as a human to kill Janos) 'Blood Drinker' (vampire) and 'Soul Stealer' (wraith).
  • An intriguing depiction of the spear lies in the crypt of Vorador's Mansion, where an Ancient winged vampire with a skeletal face, holds the spear in her right hand, and a blue crystal in her left hand. What this means as to the significance of the spear itself is unknown.
  • Ancient Vampire mural depicting the Soul Stealer
  • The spear in listed in game files with the label "soul_stealer". Another identical variant - possibly used in cutscenes is listed under "dupe_soul_stealer". The actual target of the Spear and its accompanying icon are listed as part of the textures of the background environment and labelled as "vorador5a-0007"/"vorador_ruin5a-0006" and as "vorador5a-0040"/"vorador_ruin5a-0044" respectively.

Concepts of the three spears with early names

  • Like its fellow spears the Soul Stealer also appears in the background environment of Vorador's Mansion in murals, where it is associated with an ancient vampire champion - a female vampire with a skull-like face - the same champion depcited in the statue where the spear is gained. Most notably it is seen on the door leading to where the spear is gained in the flooded crypt (which is opened by the completed Vorador's Crest). The depiction in question is labelled in files as "chapeldoor" (with the 'Crypt Chapel' room behind it) and features a depiction of the skull faced female holding the spear in one hand with a blue crystal resembling that at the top of the spear in the other. The image is also decorated at the bottom with the completed Vorador's crest. Other murals featuring the vampire show her flying and impaling a Hylden with the spear.
    • Along with being associated with a unique vampire champion and mural, each spear is also associated with a unique icon which represents the spear - in the case of the Soul Stealer a blue swapt back arrow head with trails resembling the head of the spear - unlike the other spears this is not seen beneath the statue itself which is placed on plain stone. Each spear also has a unique target 'stab wound' in the back of the Hylden statue - in the case of the Soul Stealer a pale blue 't' shape - these are also depicted in the planning documents in Bonus materials[DEF][DEF-C8]
  • The Soul Stealer has its own unique icon and 'stab wound' textures.
  • In the unlockable pictures from Raziel's tomes, the spear is seen with text that says "blue crystal" and "blue metal".





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