Initial known eventsEdit

  • (~100) By now, the Vampires consider humanity thoroughly domesticated.
  • Raziel surpasses Kain in stages of pupation, growing bat-like wings.
  • (~1000) (SR1C) While feeding on a female, Raziel realizes his captive is not human. She reveals herself to be a construct of the elder gods, and tells Raziel of his destiny to be destroyed in the Abyss and reborn to exact revenge on Kain. Raziel slaughters the construct and burns her remains.
    • Wiki-Icon-SR1 Kain and the Council meet at the Sanctuary of the Clans. Raziel reveals his wings, which are ripped from his body by Kain.
    • Wiki-Icon-SR1 Raziel's execution: The Council bears Raziel to the Lake of the Dead, where, on Kain's orders, Dumah and Turel to cast their brother into the Abyss. Turel assumes Raziel's position as the Empire's second-in-command.


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