"Ah, here was the second piece of the emblem. Now undoubtedly the crypt door could be opened."

The Silver Half of Vorador's Crest was an item used by Raziel in Legacy of Kain: Defiance. The artifact was one part of the of a larger item which represented the Crest of the Vampire Vorador found by Raziel in Vorador's Mansion in the chapter Find Vorador. Ultimately the collection of both parts was necessary to open a door in the crypt of Vorador's Mansion where Raziel could discover the Soul Stealer spear which would open the way to the Water Forge.


"This door clearly required some artifact before it would open."

The Gold Half of Vorador's Crest was a quest item in Legacy of Kain: Defiance that was used by Raziel in the chapter Find Vorador as he ventured into Vorador's Mansion in the Blood Omen era.[DEF][DEF-C8][1]


The Silver Half of Vorador's Crest in the inventory

As Raziel entered and explored the mansion he soon found an unusual chamber with a distinctive fountain at its heart. Above the fountain three Hylden gargoyles were positioned on the balcony, each channeling water into the pool below. Around the edges of the chamber several frescoes and murals were positioned depicting three Ancient Vampire champions impaling Hylden adversaries with unique spear weapons - with finding the three spears being a main objective to Raziel in that chapter.[DEF][DEF-C8][1]

Exploring the Mansion, Raziel was forced to pass through the Flooded Crypt beneath, where he discovered a distinctive sealed door marked with a mural of an ancient vampire with a skull face bearing a spear. The door itself was locked but an recess in the floor nearby marked that an artifact was required to unlock it. Soon after Raziel found and recovered the Heart Seeker spear from the Great Hall and the Blood Drinker spear from the Library and used those spears to impale the gargoyles in the fountain room - stopping the flow of water from them and turning murals relating to their heroes into Breakables.

Returning the crest to the door in the flooded crypt was not sufficient to open the door until Raziel discovered the nearby Silver Half of Vorador's Crest. With the crest completed the door could be opened and he could recover the Soul Stealer spear from within, ultimately opening the way to Water Forge.


"Hm. The artifact I had was not sufficient. There was clearly still a missing piece of this puzzle."
  • The Silver Half of Vorador's crest is never named as such in game and few sources actually distinguish between itself and the Gold half. In the inventory it is titled as "Half of Vorador's Crest" while the Prima official guide simply calls it "Vorador's Crest" - with both sources using the same names for the Gold half.
  • The artifact is labelled in game files as "vd_key_b". A corresponding lock texture labelled as "vd_keylock_b" is included in textures but only includes a repeat of the artifact textures suggesting it was used for after the placement of the crest in its lock. Another duplicate artifact texture - possibly used for cutscenes - is present at "dupe_vd_key_b". The actual lock texture is counted as part of the background environment and is labelled as "vorador12a-0001" and "vorador_ruin12a-0001" in the regular and ruined versions of the mansion respectively. The silver crest is also featured as part of the completed crest on "chapeldoor" texture - a mural of a skull-faced female vampire armed with the Soul Stealer. Crow symbology and similar motifs are featured throughout Vorador's Mansion - one symbol "keytworoom-0001" closely matches the silver crest.[DEF][DEF-C8][DEF-C12][DEF][DEF-C8][DEF-C12]
    • The Gold Half of Vorador's Crest also bears a similar designation as "vd_key_a". The design and designation of the deleted Unused artifact as "vd_key_cd" suggests it too may have been intended to be gained in the mansion.
  • The Silver Half of Vorador's Crest is listed in Prima's Official Strategy Guide - Legacy of Kain: Defiance as the second part of Vorador's Crest to be gained in Vorador's Mansion - with the Gold Half of Vorador's Crest gained first.[1] Despite this either can be gained first depending upon the door entered in the fountain room and which murals are broken. The same monologue is played for the first and second halves regardless of which is actually picked up.[DEF][DEF-C8]
  • The Silver Half of Vorador's Crest uses the symbol of the crow or raven which has frequently been associated with the Vampire Vorador - even appearing as his spies in Soul Reaver 2 and with similar designs seen throughout Vorador's Mansion. A virtually identical crow mural is notably seen in the masonry of the mansion.[BO1-C6][SR2-C3][DEF][2][3]
    • The Gold Half of Vorador's Crest uses a similar animal symbology to associate itself with Vorador - this time using the Dragon. Other artifacts in this chapter also use dragons and crow symbols such as the Library Seal. The deleted Unused artifact is another that features a dragon and crow design, with this perhaps suggesting it was intended to be gained in the mansion - its file name and designation also suggests this possibility.[DEF][DEF-C8][DEF-C12]
  • Like the other quest items in Defiance, the Blood Drinker appears in the secret "artifact1a" room.[DEF][4]


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