Raziel finds that his stronghold is crawling with Dumahim and there is no trace of Razielim anywhere. The only clue that this was once his territory are the banners and symbols adorned throughout the place. Sensing that this was Kain´s doing, Raziel´s rage is fueled by the thought of his clan being exterminated by the very master he once so dutifully served. Raziel activates the Warp Gate and blazes through his ruined stronghold.


Raziel's Clan TerritoryEdit

Raziel discovers that his clan has apparently been wiped out – the city that they once occupied is desolate, clearly abandoned for centuries...

Utter desolation. My once-proud kin, wiped from this world like excrement from a boot.

I knew the hand that wrought this deed...

Exploring the western ruins of his clan territory, he spies a band of creatures that he has not yet encountered. He watches from a safe perch.

No! Please!

They murder the human villager, and perch over their fresh kill, gnawing on it.

I didn't recognize these flayed wracks of flesh. Their scent was vampiric, but they gnawed upon their victim's carcass like dogs.



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