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Introduced in Wiki-Icon-BO2 Blood Omen 2 (2002)
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Rage is a concept seen in Blood Omen 2, Kain gained Rage in Combat through blocking enemy attacks. A certain level of Rage was required to utilise theDark Gifts Fury,Berserk and Immolate.[1][2]

Rage is seen throughout Blood Omen 2 as the attribute is represented by a 'Rage Meter', above the weapon icon on the HUD (Head's-Up Display) used in-game. The bar would fill up a small amount for every enemy attack that Kain blocked whilst in Combat mode.[1][3]

When the Rage Bar reached a certain level (about two thirds for Fury, four fifths for Berserk and completely filled for Immolate), the bar and Kain would glow red indicating aCombat Dark Gifts could be used and allowing Kain to use the respective Dark Gift.[4][5][6][7][8][9]

Kain was first taught (indirectly) of Rage in Chapter 1:the Slums, in Umah's tutorial, where Umah taught Kain about the usage of Fury and blocking.


  • Rage is not seen in other games in the Legacy of Kain series; other abilities which are 'powered' such as this one generally refill automatically over time (such as Kain'sMagic Meter in Blood Omen[BO1] or the telekinesis meter in Defiance[DEF]). Some related concepts actually seem to do the opposite of Rage;filling when the protagonist deals damage rather than blocks it;
    • Empty Rage Bar
    • Blue Rage Bar (no Combat Dark Gift selected)
    • Red Rage Bar (Combat Dark Gift selected)
    • Glowing Rage Bar - Fury activation
    • Glowing Rage Bar - Berserk activation
    • Glowing Rage Bar - Immolate activation
    • Filled Rage meter

(these include Raziel's Wraith Blade Coil in Soul Reaver 2[SR2] and the Combat experience]] Meter in Legacy of Kain: Defiance - which unlocked Special attacks[DEF].)

  • The HUD in Blood Omen 2 was originally to have another indicator on it, which was disabled before the game was released. This circular window (still viewable next to the Rage meter) would have indicated to the player (through relative size and colour) the nearby Enemy/NPC disposition towards Kain. This aspect was dropped along with the other stealth parts of Blood Omen 2.[10]


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