Prison Guardians
Blood Omen 2 enemies
Promotional image of a Prison Guardian in Blood Omen 2.
Introduced in Wiki-Icon-BO2Blood Omen 2 (2002)
Race Unique Creatures
Aliases Prison Wardens
Eras Post-Blood Omen era
Territories The Eternal Prison
Affiliation The Eternal Prison
Weapons Scythe
Abilities Invisibility, Unblockable Attack
Blood type Red
Plane Material Realm
Possessable No
Appearances Wiki-Icon-BO2

Prison Guardians,[1][2][3][4] also known as Prison Wardens,[5] were the jailers of the Eternal Prison[1] in Blood Omen 2, they were 'grim reaper' styled enemies encountered by Kain exclusively in Chapter 8: The Eternal Prison.


Prison Guardians wore a long hooded cloak and armor and had an armored faceplate. They were armed with scythes (which Kain could not pick up) and were powerful, resilient enemies with plenty of Blood and Lore. Kain first encountered the Prison Guardians when he entered the Eternal Prison, searching for the Builder [BO2]. Upon entering a Guardian teleported to the lectern in the entrance and warned Kain that no "guests, visitors or intruders"[2][3][4][5] were permitted in the Prison and ordered Kain away.

The Guardians frequently "talked big" [1][2] giving Kain several warnings and even teleporting Kain away from the Prison to impede his progress, before finally ambushing and attacking Kain.[1][4] Typically Prison Guardians would attack by teleporting close to Kain and then becoming invisible (though they could still be tracked with autoface and their prominent glowing eyes, which remained visible)[BO2].

Prison Guardians frequently assaulted Kain as he made his way through the Eternal Prison;[3][6] they were seen at other times trying to stop Magnus attacking another prisoner.[7] As Kain tried to make his way out of the Prison, he activated several mechanisms that evidently caused some destruction in the Prison machinery; the guardians would eventually tell Kain that he had "ruined their great experiment" and that the prisoners' lives could never be redeemed.[8] The fate of the Eternal Prison and the Prison Guardians after Blood Omen 2 is unknown and likely to be abandoned.


  • Prison Guardian in game
  • Prison Guardian
  • Prison Guardian (2)
  • Prison Guardian (Invisible)
  • Prison Guardian (3)
  • Prison Guardian (4)
  • Prison Guardian (5)
  • Prison Guardian Statue
  • Prison Guardian Statues
  • Prison Guardians
  • Several Prison Guardian statues are seen in Magnus' boss batttle at the end of the Eternal Prison and they played an important role in Kain's defeat of Magnus. The statues, seen in the first phase were positioned around the cental pool and allowed Kain to avoid Magnus' use of Immolate; those in the lower courtyard in the second and third phases were manipulated by Kain, tricking Magnus into charging them and exposing several Glyph seals, when Kain activated these rebuilt a collapsed statue of Moebius rebuilt and Kain was able to defeat Magnus by toppling it onto him[BO2].
  • Prima's Blood Omen 2 Guide refers to the Prison Guardians as "Prison Wardens".[5] Debug information also refers to them as "warden"[BO2].
  • Like the rest of the Eternal Prison, the origins of the Prison Guardians are a mystery, even their race is ultimately unsure as their cloak and faceplate covered all but their eyes and arms. Some fans have suggested that their glowing green eyes may imply a connection with the Hylden.[9]

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