One-shoulder attire
One-shoulder attire
Kain wearing the 'One shoulder attire'
Introduced in Wiki-Icon-BO2Blood Omen 2 (2002)
Classification Blood Omen 2 attire
Wielded by Kain
Restrictions worn only in chapters 1,2 and 3
Appearances Wiki-Icon-BO2
There is no official name or term appropriate to this article, and it currently utilizes a title based on the administrators' conjecture in the absence of one.

The One Shoulder Attire is the clothing seen worn by Kain in the early chapters of Blood Omen 2.[1]

The One Shoulder Attire is featured in promotional materials for Blood Omen 2 as well as on the cover to the game. Kain is seen wearing the outfit in the opening videos and inChapter 1: the Slums, Chapter 2: The Smuggler's Den and Chapter 3: The Lower City[BO2].


  • None of the Attire Kain wears in Blood Omen 2 is formally named, the name 'One Shoulder' attire is conjecture based upon the prominent enlarged shoulder pad.
  • The One Shoulder attire was designed to be a cross between Kain's Blood Omen armors and his Soul Reaver attire;[2] Kain is shown wearing the One Shoulder Attire in the Blood Omen 2 opening video[BO2], presumably meaning that he has been wearing it for the past 200 years. According to developers, Kain was intended to be wearing the same clothes as when he fell, but "worn around the edges".[2]
  • Concept Art of the one shoulder attire
  • Concept Art of the one shoulder attire
  • Promotional Render of Kain in one shoulder attire
  • Promotional Render of Kain in one shoulder attire
  • Promotional Wallpaper of Kain in one shoulder attire
  • Promotional Wallpaper of Kain in one shoulder attire
  • In what was presumably a mistake by developers, the video depicting Kain walking away from the collapse of the pillars originally featured Kain in the One Shoulder Attire, before this was changed to the Iron Armor and Soul Reaver combination.[3]
  • The fact Kain is shown wearing much flimsier clothing than the armor seen in Blood Omen may be evidence that Kain's skin has begun to toughen (towards the 'tough hide' seen on the Elder Kain in Soul Reaver).


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