The Obsidian Sphere in the inventory

  • The original position of the Obsidian sphere
  • The final placement of the Obsidian sphere
  • effects of the placement of the sphere
  • effects of the placement of the sphere
  • effects of the placement of the sphere


  • The Sphere is labelled in game files as "av_earthartifactkey" and its final holder is listed as "av_earthartifactlock".[DEF][DEF-C10]
  • The 'Dark artifact' powered by the defeat of Shades
  • The Light associated 'Faceted Orb'
  • The 'Fire artifact' block powered by being set aflame
  • The Air associated 'Howling Heartstone'
  • The Earth associated 'Obsidian Sphere'
  • The Obsidian Sphere is one a number of related artifacts that are found in forge portal rooms and immediately used to access the portals. Other artifacts that are treated the same include the Faceted Orb for the Light Forge and the Howling Heartstone for the Air Forge.[DEF][DEF-C4][DEF-C6][DEF-C10][1] Although not containing such 'keys', both the Dark and Fire forges have objects identified as "artifacts" in files that control portal activation, although they are not used in the same way the "key" artifacts are.[DEF][DEF-C4][DEF-C6][1] Game files and textures reveal that the these 'artifacts' are similarly counted as an object rather than part of the room (although not as 'keys') and like the Faceted Orb they all have a subtle Darkness or Light symbols within their textures which are virtually invisible in the course of regular gameplay.[DEF][DEF-C4]


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