General GameplayEdit

Gameplay modesEdit

Nosgoth featured several different game modes, though usually only two or three were available at any time.

Team DeathmatchEdit

In team deathmatch, both teams (Vampire and Vampire Hunter) have four combatants and fight each other with a goal of getting more kills than the opposing team (Maximum of 30). The game has two rounds with each team playing both the vampires and the vampire hunters. The game is over when both rounds are finished and the team with the highest overall score is declared the winner.

New RecruitEdit

The same as Team Deathmatch, but specialised for new and lower-level players. At various times different limits were put in place to keep the mode for newer players.

Siege ModeEdit

The second active mode, available only when classes pass level 10 is Siege mode, which focuses more on capturing locations. Humans are required to reach certain areas of the map, marked by special 'siege towers' and once occupied, a countdown begins during which the team must defend the area against Vampire attack. Once the timer has run down, the humans are rewarded 5 points for capturing an area. Conversely, to gain points the Vampires must simply kill as many humans as possible.


An update of siege mode where instead of killing humans, the vampires are required to prevent the humans capturing a siege point in a set time.

Capture the BodyEdit

A 'capture the flag' variant where the vampire team was tasked with dragging a (heavily weighted) corpse to a set spot on the map while the humans tried to prevent them. Backstory involved a blood curse placed by the prophet class.


A more intense team deathmatch variant with 5 players on each team.


Competitive team deathmatch play which ranked players and placed them in league ladders after play, raising or lowering their placement depending upon the performance of themselves and their team. Those in the top 100 places (ranked as 'Eternal') were eligible for cash prizes. Several variations were seen, generally with minor rules changes, most noticeably varying the amount of players that could be 'partied'.

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