Mutants were an enemy class featured in Soul Reaver 2. They were Unique Creatures encountered by Raziel in the Swamp of the post-Blood Omen era.


Mutants were Unique Creatures, that evolved in the Post-Blood Omen era following the Collapse of the Pillars. They were orange or brown skinned and had a particularly unusual appearance; They had a relatively small body with two small atrophied 'legs', longer 'arms' with tridactyl claws (one of which was particularly large and deformed),long necks, and heads with a snout-like appearance and a central beak-like mouth.[SR2]

Ordinarily, mutants would walk on all fours, with their longer limbs dragging along the ground. In combat, they would stand up on the largest 'arm' (raising themselves to a considerable height) and attack with the other using a number of claw strikes. Mutants were a strong and tough enemy at close ranges, though they were slow, had poor defensive capabilities and attack range, and could be easily sidestepped.[SR2][1][2][3]

Mutants were encountered exclusively in the swamp in the Post-Blood Omen era[SR2].


  • Mutants are referred to as "mutantba" in game files[SR2].
  • Though explicitly hunting Demons, the Demon hunter enemies will notably attack Mutants if confronted with them.[SR2][4]
  • In concept art mutants are notably depicted wearing armor to cover their bodies.[SR2]
  • Besides being described as 'evolving' post-Blood Omen era,[1] no further explanation has been given as to the origins of the mutants, and it is ultimately unclear what they were originally. The creatures could be considered tetrapods, with four discernible limbs, though only two of these (both 'arms' in the conventional sense) were used in any capacity in combat (with the two small 'legs' merely dangling usually).[SR2][4]
  • Mutants bear some of the features of the Dark Edencreatures (artificially created mutants) as well as similar claws to the Tentacles seen in Defiance[SR2][4][DEF].
  • Mutants share the same skull-Soul as Demons and Thralls, perhaps suggesting they are not a 'natural' animals (which have the same yellow soul as humans), though they do appear to have Red Blood.[SR2][4]



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