The Mind Guardian was the individual born to represent, serve, and protect the Pillar of the Mind - one of the Pillars of Nosgoth - and was ultimately responsible for the metaphyisalc shpere of the Mind within Nosgoth. All Pillar Guardians belonged to the oligarchy of sorcerers known as the Circle of Nine.



The Mind Guardians were the guardians of the Pillar of the Mind. Their abilities lay in psychological properties such as thoughts and emotions which they were apparently sensitive to in others. They also had many exotic mental abilities such as Telepathy Telekinesis and the ability to create illusions.

Title Holders and SuccessionEdit

Three mind guardians have been observed in the series, of these Nupraptor the Mentalist is the only one who is named, and it is he whose mental prowess and psychic powers ultimately lead to the Corruption of the Pillars, through an attempted psychic attack on Mortanius (though this may also be characterised as a "descent into madness") which effects all of the circle, the pillars and eventually Nosgoth itself.

Two of his predecessors have also been seen. The original Vampire Mind Guardian, whose soul was taken along with the original Vampire Dimension Guardian, to forge the Reaver with elemental Air in Legacy of Kain: Defiance (This vampire mind guardian, much like Nupraptor himself, attacked by utilising illusions).

Finally a Mind Guardian is known to have been murdered by Vorador at the Slaughter of the Circle in Nosgoth's early history. His murder was not depicted during Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain, but it is depicted in the Circle's gathering-room in the Pre and Post-Blood Omen eras in Soul Reaver 2, along with his apprentice the Dimension Guardian.




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