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Blood Omen 2 character
Marcus as he appears in Blood Omen 2.
Introduced in Icon-BO2 Blood Omen 2 (2002)
Race Human (birth)
Vampire: post-Blood Omen era (fourth timeline)
Gender • Male
Birth era • The pre-Blood Omen era, Blood Omen era, or post-Blood Omen era
Status Icon-BO2 Inactive: deceased
Titles • Member of the Sarafan (post-Blood Omen era) (fourth timeline)
Territories • The Upper City, Meridian (fourth timeline)
Affiliation • The Sarafan (post-Blood Omen era) (fourth timeline)
• The traitor vampires (fourth timeline)
Ability/Dark Gift Charm
Native realm Material Realm
Voiced by Nick Guest
Appearances Icon-BO2
"I now have the power to charm all living things, to subjugate their minds and make them do my bidding. You will kneel to me, Kain, and the Sarafan Lord will be pleased with my new slave. Now – obey me!""

Marcus was a major character in Blood Omen 2, he was one of the 'traitor vampires' that joined the Sarafan after the destruction of Kain's vampire army at the battle of Meridian. When Kain returned two centuries later, Marcus was the second vampire and boss character that Kain faced in Blood Omen 2, in Chapter 4:The Upper City,[1][2] gaining from him the Dark Gift Charm.[3] Marcus was considered a powerful Vampire and was well respected by Vorador (who had attempted to persuade him to join the Cabal),[4] conversely Kain viewed Marcus as a "sneaking cowardly opportunist".[5] Marcus was voiced by Nick Guest.


Marcus was seen only in the Fourth timeline that gave rise to Blood Omen 2. As such he was likely sired by Vorador some time between the Collapse of the Pillars and the Rise of Kain's Vampire Army.[6] When Kain's vampire army rose to power and began to conquer Nosgoth, Kain 'requested' Marcus join the Vampire Army[5]-It is unlikely Marcus joined (though he is shown in the opening video[BO2]). Perhaps because of this rejection, Kain made an attempt on Marcus' life[7] (an act which Marcus believed was as a result of Kain's jealousy at his "growing powers"[5]) Kain believed he had succeeded, but unknown to him, Marcus had survived and gone into hiding. As the Sarafan and Vampire Army clashed in the battle of Meridian, Marcus remained hidden, finally emerging and offering himself to the victorious Sarafan,[5] In the two centuries after the Sarafan victory, Marcus likely aided the Sarafan in hunting down other Vampires.

Two centuries later, Kain returned and travelled to the Upper City in Chapter 4: A Question of Faith, seeking information from the Bishop of Meridian. Kain was somewhat surprised to find himself confronted by Marcus in a back-alley [8](Marcus however was aware of 'rumours' of Kain's presence - possibly due to reports by Faustus or Sebastian; or both).[7] Marcus attempted to use his Charm Dark Gift to gain control of Kain, but was unsuccessful,[9] managing only to briefly "read [Kain 's] thoughts", learning that Kain sought information from the Bishop of Meridian.[10] Using Charm to summon and control Sarafan priests to attack Kain,[11][12] Marcus fled across the Upper City to the Bishop's Manor,[13] attempting to reach and eliminate the Bishop of Meridian before Kain recovered his information.[14]

  • Concept art of Marcus
  • Marcus in game

Kain was forced to pursue Marcus across the Upper City to the Bishop's Manor;[15] where Kain learnt of the Bishop of Meridian's retreat to Meridian Cathedral, from the Cabal Contact Bishop's Butler.[16] Both Vampires once again engaged in a race, this time back to the Cathedral[BO2],[17] but by the time Kain had reached the Cathedral's private quarters, Marcus had control of the Bishop of Meridian and threatened to kill him if Kain did not surrender. Kain rejected this offer; claiming he would rather see Marcus die then the Bishop of Meridian live; and once again chased the fleeing Marcus out of the Cathedral[18][19] and across the Upper City rooftops and back to the stained glass ceiling of the Cathedral, which collapsed under the weight of the two Vampires[BO2]. Unable to flee any longer, Marcus was forced to face Kain incombat.[20][21][22][23] See also Marcus (boss).

Once Kain had defeated Marcus he was able todrink his blood and 'absorb his veins', gaining the Dark Gift Charm from Marcus,[3][24] which enabled him to enter the Sarafan Keep in Chapter 5: House of my Enemy[BO2].


  • Blood Omen 2's opening video depicts Marcus fighting in the battle of Meridian (and some of the preluding massacres)[BO2] and as with many of the other 'traitor vampires' this detail is later shown to be incorrect as Marcus was not present at the battle. Additionally, Marcus is unique amongst the 'traitor vampires' in that he is the only one that does not seem initially to have an association with Kain's vampire army; Kain asked (Marcus says "begged" ) Marcus to join,[5] but Kain's attempt at killing Marcus[7] meant he was certainly not involved in the battle of Meridian and likely had nothing to do with the army. Like all of the Post-Blood Omen era Vampires, Marcus was sired by Vorador (or was part of his lineage).[6]
  • Vorador's 'admiration' of Marcus [4] seems odd given Kain's opinion of him,[5] though Marcus is shown to be a powerful vampire, with several additional 'Dark Gifts' (besides Charm) which Kain cannot gain; these include 'Invisibility' (demonstrated by Marcus in his boss battle) and an extended range jump (demonstrated on the rooftops outside the Cathedral - which Kain had to use the Jump Dark Gift to match), as well as an 'enhanced' Charm gift (which was able to read thoughts and provide aggression in charmed characters). [BO2][25]
  • Like some other boss characters in Blood Omen 2, Marcus' debug messages refer to him by his Dark Gift, "charm"; an attempt to Charm Marcus results in the full message "Charming Charm - I'm too busy to be Charmed"[BO2].
  • When Marcus initially confronts Kain, the corpses of two Sarafan priests are visible on the ground behind Marcus and can be fed on shortly after.[8]
  • In the 'prelude' chase to his boss battle Marcus also demonstrates behaviour similar to Sebastian when Kain met him in Chapter 3:The Lower City; in that despite the situation supposedly being a 'chase' situation, the antagonist character (Marcus and Sebastian respectively) does not actually attempt to run away, instead they merely retreat away to the next obstacle and wait for Kain to follow[BO2].
  • At the end his boss battle, Marcus lands somewhat awkwardly on the Cathedral's altar (on the lower level), but it is not clear how he got there; the previous two phases were on the upper level and Marcus is not shown to fall from the top level, though this is presumably what happened[BO2].


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