The Lightning Reaver enhancement, also known as the Energy Reaver enhancement, was an augmentation for The Reaver used by Kain in Legacy of Kain: Defiance . Presumably of Ancient Vampire origin, it was gained by Kain when he acquired the Lightning fragment of the Balance Emblem.


The Lightning Reaver enhancement was the fourth Reaver enhancement gained by Kain in Defiance. Kain found the enhancement in Chapter 7 when Kain travelled to the Vampire Citadel. Exploring the Citadel, he found his way to the Water Forge, where he found a separate chamber containing the Lightning fragment of the Balance Emblem. Collecting the fragment, Kain found it had endowed the Reaver with elemental Lightning upgrading its power and allowing Kain to explore another wing of the Vampire Citadel.[DEF][DEF-C7].

The Lightning enhancement made the Reaver to glow with yellow energies. In combat its charged attacks caused 'chained lightning' to spread horizontally attcking nearby enemies as well as the targeted opponent, whilst its Reaver Spell caused enemies to be struck by Lightning.[DEF][1]


  • The Lightning Reaver enhancement is titled simply as "Lightning" in the inventory and the Prima Guide[DEF][1], but is also known as the "Lightning Reaver".[2]

    The Lightning enhancement in the inventory

  • The Lighting Reaver is associated with Energy and the Pillar of Energy. Not only do the Reaver's attacks hint at this, but it is labelled as the "Energy Pillar" in the Debug Menu.Strangely it is referred to as "reaver_vampire" in game files[DEF].
  • Kains Charged and Reaver Spell attacks with the Lightning enhancement resemble attacks he has been seen using previously; notably the Reaver Spell can be said to be a version of the Lightning incantation from Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain[BO1]. Kain also demonstrated the use of the horizontal 'chained' lightning in boss battles in Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver[SR1-C4][SR1-10] and was briefly shown using this ability in the opening to Soul Reaver 2[SR2-C0]. The Sarafan Lord also shows a similar ability in the opening of Blood Omen 2[BO2-C1].
  • The Lightning Fragment has presumably been in Vampire Citadel since the ancient times, although, like the other fragments of the Balance Emblem, it is also possible Moebius had a hand in its placement.

Lightning fragment symbol


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