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  • Baziel

    Welcome to 2016

    January 1, 2016 by Baziel

    Welcome to 2016. I keep meaning to do these more often and spectacularly failing as real life catches up. Of course updates do continue in the meantime, it's just not always the best use of time to summarize big chunks of updates. So what's been happening? In short - a lot.

    The Wiki updates march on, with the Soul Reaver 2 articles and categories now slowly approaching completion. Pages that have been completed recently include the articles on the Planar portals, Reaver fonts, Air Forge demo, Reaver bar, Health coil, Save altars, Sealed doors, Vampire Interview, Shadow bridges, Swamp (terrain), Ice, Rain, Vorador's crows and Snow. With some scrutiny a new article - Valves - was also added dealing with the wheels turned in Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver and Blood Omen 2

    The completion of some of these articles themselves caused mini-quests to collate together images appropriate for them, resulting in large scale updates to our image library. For example, the page on Sealed doors resulted in a q…

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The Ignis Fatuus was a form of mystical light present in the Termogent Forest and Swamp areas. Lighting paths throughout the marshy realms, the ignis fatuus appeared as skull-adorned braziers wreathed in supernatural green flames. First introduced in Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain, they reappeared in Soul Reaver 2, and could be briefly seen in the exterior of Vorador's Mansion when Raziel infiltrated it in Legacy of Kain: Defiance.

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Early concept art of the exterior of the Sarafan Stronghold as it appears in Soul Reaver 2. The artwork was available through the Bonus materials of Soul Reaver 2 and showcased how the design had evolved with the stronghold given a sleeker construction in game. This area ultimately appeared as part of the outer Great Southern Lake area, with a Reaver font and the underwater passage to the inner lake placed nearby.

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