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The Legacy of Kain series comprises five action-adventure video games released between 1996 and 2003, primarily developed by Crystal Dynamics, and currently published by Square Enix Europe. Each entry in the series incorporates elements of action and puzzle-solving in its gameplay, and all take place in the fictional setting of Nosgoth, united by the character of Kain, the series' vampire anti-hero.

Although technically a pentalogy, the series is effectively made up of two duologies telling the separate stories of Kain (Blood Omen) and Raziel (Soul Reaver), with both culminating in Legacy of Kain: Defiance. The games have enjoyed critical success, and – despite their present dormancy – continue to be widely praised and highlighted for their high-quality voice acting, storytelling, and visuals.

The Legacy of Kain Wiki is an unofficial fansite, maintained by volunteers, covering the games and accompanying media, and hoping to fully document the content, history, and potential future of the series and related topics in an approachable and comprehensive manner. It is not affiliated with, or endorsed by, Square Enix Europe, Crystal Dynamics, or any of their subsidiaries, employees, or associates.

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MP-Categories-GamesMedia Games and media
"In Life and Beyond"
The five games comprising the series to date, plus related games, merchandise, and projects.
MP-Categories-Chapters Chapters
"Destiny is a Game"
Walkthroughs, transcripts, and analyses of the chapters which compose each of the games.
MP-Categories-Characters Characters
"The Players"
The myriad cast of immortals, Guardians, and manipulators whose actions form the crux of the story.
MP-Categories-Locations Locations
"This Dying World"
Nosgoth's known landmarks, cities, fortresses, ancient ruins, and dimensional planes.
MP-Categories-History History
"All the Conflict and Strife"
The complex chronology of the series and its world, including major events, eras, and timelines.
MP-Categories-Inhabitants Inhabitants
"We are Legion"
Vampires, humans, Hylden, and other fauna and flora dwelling within the setting.
MP-Categories-ItemsEquipment Items and equipment
"Relish for Slaughter"
Kain and Raziel's mighty instruments of destruction, and all of their unique attributes.
MP-Categories-Abilities Abilities
"The Dark Gift Manifests"
Powers earned, won, and stolen alike over the course of the protagonists' journey.
MP-Categories-Enemies Enemies
"Suffering to the Conquered"
Malevolent forces marshaled to eliminate Nosgoth's anti-heroes, and the means to overcome them.
MP-Categories-Terms Terms
"A Lesson at Every Turn"
A glossary of miscellaneous concepts, words, and phrases in the context of the series.
MP-Categories-Personnel Personnel
"Worshiping a Giant Squid"
The real-life cast, crew, and studios responsible for developing the Legacy of Kain.
MP-Categories-CutContent Cut content
"The Planes of Possibility"
A range of cut, deleted, altered, and unused concepts and material from behind the scenes.


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Sealed doors, also known as Sealed Barriers, Reaver Doors, Emblem Doors or Artifact Doors, were special locked doors featured throughout Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver, Soul Reaver 2 and Legacy of Kain: Defiance that were marked with a particular symbol and prevented entry until the correct object or elemental Reaver was acquired.

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A modified screenshot from the 'inner sanctum' area of Janos Audron's Retreat in Soul Reaver 2. The inner sanctum was one of the last major puzzles of Soul Reaver 2 and consisted of a "towering labyrinth" which tested all of the skills, mechanics and elemental applications Raziel had learned previously along with several new twists, in a concept partially adapted from the unfinished Spirit Forge. The puzzle included Sentries, Light crystals, Cracked doors, Air plinths, Shades, Greater thralls, fonts, Emblem keys, Sealed doors, Bloodstone bridges, blood basins and chalices.

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Nosgoth-Promotional-Logo-Official -
The official Nosgoth site
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The official Nosgoth and Legacy of Kain forums
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The former official Legacy of Kain forums
Series art director Daniel Cabuco's site

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Wiki-Icon-DCDark Chronicle
The Encyclopædia Nosgothica
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The oldest Legacy of Kain fansite
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Preserving deleted and altered material
Icon-THD - The Hylden Dimension
Moderator updates on the series and models
Icon-TSTime Streamer
An enduring nexus for fan creations

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Icon-TADThe Ancient's Den
Frequent updates on the series
A 2D side-scrolling fan sequel
Icon-OmnicideBlood Omnicide
Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain in 3D
deviantART's Legacy of Kain hub
Icon-TumblrNosgoth Legacy of Kain
A tumblr. blog for the games
Icon-TumblrFuck Yeah, Legacy of Kain
A tumblr. blog for the games

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Icon-BRThe Reaver Blog
The premier Brazilian (Portugese) blog
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A French-oriented fan website
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The largest German fansite
Facts and lore in Italian
Legacy of Kain site for Russian speakers
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Comprehensive information in Spanish

Annotation on copyright information

The Legacy of Kain Wiki is a fansite, not affiliated with, or endorsed by, Square Enix Europe, Crystal Dynamics, or any of their subsidiaries, employees, or associates. Despite the commercial nature of Wikia (the site's hosting service), the small number of volunteer administrators responsible for producing the site's content strictly do not profit from this maintenance, and are not professionally associated with Wikia itself. From their perspective, the site is solely intended to serve as a tribute and guide to the franchise.

Original written content at the Legacy of Kain Wiki is freely licenced and distributable under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. Generally, quotations, images, sound files and other media are the property of Square Enix, Crystal Dynamics, or other bodies and individuals where respectively noted. We believe that their inclusion constitutes Fair Use under international copyright law. No offense, or breach of any individual's trust, copyright or intellectual property rights, is intended by the site administrators.

If you feel that your rights have been infringed by the Legacy of Kain Wiki's use of content, or if you have any other queries or issues related to Legacy of Kain and the wiki itself, you can contact the current site administrators by e-mail at, who will be happy to answer or resolve the issue to the best of their ability.

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