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  • Baziel

    Again apologies for the late showing, I seem to be getting pushed to bi-annually with these things, even though that's not really what I would have wanted, but when it's time these things have a way of getting away from me. Certainly work continues on the site in the meantime and the wiki rolls on.

    To be honest there's perhaps not so much to mention in this edition Wiki-wise. I've been unsure of where to turn my attentions before eventually settling down to updating some Blood Omen locations and dungeons, leading to completed articles on the Mist Form dungeon, the Lake of the Dead (and its sister article the Abyss), Kain's Mausoleum, the Energy Bolt dungeon, the Light dungeon, Wolf Form dungeon, Stun dungeon and the Cemetery.

    On top of this there has been a major reorganisation and clean-up drive recently. Perhaps most notably this can be seen in the refreshed front page, but there has also been reworkings on navboxes and categories with many new areas. Some notable updates include new B…

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Soul Reaver 2 (2001) Blood Omen 2 (2002) Legacy of Kain: Defiance (2003)


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Featured article


Constricting, also known simply as Constrict, was an ability which appeared only in Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver. The ability allowed Raziel to wind a band of constricting energy around a subject which could damage and incapacitate enemies and rotate certain objects. The ability was originally gained when Raziel defeated and consumed the soul of his brother Dumah.

Featured media

A piece of Blood Omen 2 concept art from the portfolio of project lead Steve Ross depicting a number of early designs for Hylden castes and classes. Only two of the classes - the Hylden warriors and Hylden scientists - were seen in the title with the rest removed during development. The other three classes are unclear but were previously speculated to have represented winged, sorcerers and undead (or Demon Realm summoned) enemies - with the latter perhaps repurposed into the Revenants seen in Legacy of Kain: Defiance.


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