Jon, sometimes spelled John, was a minor, yet named Human Industrial Worker NPC, featured in Blood Omen 2.


Jon appeared in Sebastian's Boss Battle in the Main Factory of the Industrial Quarter at the end of Chapter 6:The Nexus Stone. Jon appeared as a confederate of Sebastian, situated in the 'control room' of the Nexus Stone's chamber and he presumably controlled the steam jets, vortex and level of the dias in the battle[BO2].

As Kain first approached the Nexus Stone, Jon was shown to lower the dias and activate the steam jets at the start of the first phase and he presumably had some role in activation of the second phase (though it wasn't shown)[BO2]. At the start of the third phase, Sebastian ordered Jon to "raise the dias"[1] so he could attempt to destroy the Nexus Stone.

Kain was able to jump up to the dias and from this vantage point was able to charm Jon into activating the steam jets, burning Sebastian and forcing him to confront Kain on the small dias platform[2]. When he had defeated Sebastian Kain removed the Nexus Stone from the machinery, causing the much of it to begin to collapse and explode, in the chaos, Jon was blown out of the control room and probably killed[BO2].


  • Jon likely perishes shortly after Kain' s battle with Sebastian - he is blown out of the control room he is in by an explosion and appears to collide with a vent at an awkward angle and with some force. Even if that was not fatal, the destruction of the Main Factory probably was[BO2].



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  2. Icon-Prima"The "mighty" Sebastian isn't willing to fight you directly. He'll jump down to the floor below and start taunting you. Use your Charm gift to target the human in the control room, making him pull the lever on the right that starts the steam up again. Burn, baby, burn!//After taking damage from the steam, Sebastian jumps back up to the platform. He's not running anywhere now!" Prima Games. Prima's Official Strategy Guide to Legacy of Kain: Blood Omen 2(2002). Page 53. ISBN:0-7615-3774-0


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