Ivan was an unseen, yet named minorhuman (non-player) character mentioned in Blood Omen 2.


Ivan was likely aPeasant NPC, involved in some 'business dealings' with two Peasant females. When Kain passed through the Lower City in In Darkness We Gather, he was able to witness one of the ladies, "Annie" angrily demanding money from Ivan, who was supposedly hiding in a locked house[BO2]. Both women threatened and cursed Ivan through the closed door, but if Ivan was present, he did not show himself.[1]


Ivan's dealings with the two women and Annie's claims that he is "whoring away our money" may suggest that Annie and associate are prostitutes and Ivan, may therefore be their 'pimp'.[1]

It is unknown if Ivan was indeed hiding from the women in the locked house as Annie claims, or if he simply wasn't at home at the time.


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