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Industrial Quarter
Districts of MeridianBlood Omen 2 Chapter Locations
Buildings in the Industrial Quarter
Introduced in Wiki-Icon-BO2Blood Omen 2 (2002)
Architects Human?
Ownership Sarafan
Status intact (as of post-Blood Omen era)
Features Main Factory, Dam, Gondolas, Explosive devices, advanced Glyph magic, Locomotives, Iconography, Industrial Buildings and Technology
Inhabitants Sarafan Knights, Glyph Guards, Sarafan Archers, Mercenaries, Industrial workers
Equipment Long Swords, Scimitars, Double-bladed swords, Golden pads attire
Items Red Lore coffers(6)
Blue Lore coffers(5)
Weapon power chests (1)
Plane Material Realm
Appearances Wiki-Icon-BO2

The Industrial Quarter is a playable location in Meridian, seen in Blood Omen 2. The Nexus Stone (chapter) takes place in the Industrial Quarter (as well as being briefly featured in Chapter 4: The Upper City).


The Industrial Quarter is the area of Meridian with the heaviest concentration of factories and industrial development, it was a "heavily guarded fortress"[1] that was populated by various Sarafan-affiliated troops and Industrial workers (there were no 'ordinary' NPC's as the Industrial Quarter was not a residential area.)

The Industrial Quarter was first mentioned by Umah at the beginning of Chapter 3:The Lower City, as she was sent to investigate it, whilst Kain made his way to Sanctuary.[2] Once Kain arrived at Sanctuary, an injured Cabal Vampire stumbled in, warning Vorador that Umah had discovered some vital information in the Industrial Quarter, before she was captured by the Sarafan Order and was taken to the Sarafan Keep for execution.[3] Kain was dispatched to rescue Umah from the Sarafan Keep and found that Umah had discovered the Nexus Stone being used in the Industrial Quarter[4] (as a gateway to the Device[5]). Finding that the Nexus Stone could neutralise the effects of the Soul Reaver blade (and that the Sarafan Lord had used the Nexus Stone against Kain in their battle 400 years previously) Kain was soon set to enter the Industrial Quarter and retrieve the Nexus Stone for himself.[6][7]

In Chapter 6, Advised by Vorador that the Nexus Stone was kept in The Main Factory beyond the Dam,[8][9] Kain stole into in the Sea Buggy, a 'Workers Commons',[1][10] and proceeded to pass the Workers area until he reached the factory complex. Kain was able to pass through several manufacturing areas until he was able to ride a Gondola over the Dam to reach the exterior of the Main Factory[BO2]. Passing through several 'factory' and mine areas, Kain was able to reach the central area of the Main Factory, where he discovered the Nexus Stone and defeated Sebastian in a Boss battle (see also Sebastian (boss)), gaining the Dark GiftBerserk[BO2] . Upon removing the Nexus Stone from the machinery, the factory began to explode[BO2] and Kain unconscious body was thrown from the wreckage, where he was recovered by a the Cabal Vampire and returned to Sanctuary.[11]


  • Maps show that the Industrial Quarter was divided from the Upper City (and possibly Sarafan Keep) by a river running between the two.[12] Kain apparently crosses over this river (and Jumps straight back) in the course of Chapter 4: The Upper City (releasing Industrial Workers to open a locked gate)[13] this means that Kain may actually briefly enter the Industrial Quarter in that level.
  • The Industrial Quarter contains some of the most advanced technology seen in Meridian, alongside various 'factory' technology (such as Conveyor Belts, large-geared Machinery, locomotives, Furnaces, Boilers and Waterwheels), there are also baths (the only time in the entire series that washing is suggested to take place), Gramophones and many 'computer banks' and office equipment. Kain also passes through several Mines.
  • The purpose of the factories in the Industrial Quarter is not clear, some of the technology seems to use water and steam, and this may be used to 'produce' or otherwise manufacture Glyph magic . Several 'Glyph Boilers' are seen, apparently filling 'Glyph Boxes', these 'Glyph Boilers' are seen throughout the Industrial Quarter, and are particularly evident lined up along the exterior of the Main Factory ; one also collapses from above the Nexus Stone chamber.
  • The Industrial Quarter has much interesting iconography; several rusted metal Sarafan symbols are seen in 'racks' along the walls and humanoid figures are depicted throughout the level featuring two females facing each other, as Kain reaches the Main Factory, these become 'bird headed' (superficially resembling Feral humans) before finally becoming two budgie-like birds in the Nexus Stone Chambers.
  • Conversations between Industrial workers suggests that the amount of Sarafan guards protecting the Industrial Quarter had risen in the run-up to Kain's infiltration of the quarter.[14]

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