Ghosts were an enemy class encountered in Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain where they appeared as a ghostly female figure floating above the ground dressed in white and red. They were among the rarest classes in the game and were only encountered in one map area in the Inspire Hate Dungeon beneath Coorhagen.


Ghosts were fairly low level enemies encountered by Kain in Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain. They were seen only in the chapter The Hunt for Malek as Kain reached his former hometown Coorhagen and explored the Inspire Hate Dungeon. They were relatively weak enemies with 8 health and 7 attack power and they attacked by lunging forward and 'hugging' enemies to cause damage which drained from the magic energy meter.


As suggested by their naming, ghosts were Undead spirits, existing only in the Ghost state. As with other enemies in the ghost state, their attacks caused Kain to lose Magic energy and when damaged they produced blue Blood which could be fed upon to restore magic energy. Unlike other ghost-state enemies, the ghost were not only never seen in a 'living' condition, but also bore a unique character model which lacked feet and gave a floating appearance.


  • Ghosts seem to be named for the real world legends of undead spirits. Such figures are fairly common in the Legacy of Kain series with a number of characters and figures able to survive beyond apparent death. Perhaps most similar - including in naming - is the ghost enemy state: a mechanism in Blood Omen whereby enemies killed by Kain would actively respawn upon reentry of an area as transparent entities with blue blood. Other similar entities included Specters such as Ariel and wraiths such as Raziel

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