The Force Glyph altar is a location in Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver. It was one of several glyph altars Raziel could access in Nosgoth of the Soul Reaver era, and was reached via a tunnel within a lake in the Necropolis. The altar notably contained an animated stone effigy of Nupraptor, the last Guardian of the Pillar of the Mind.


The Force Glyph altar was the earliest glyph altar which Raziel had the potential to discover and activate. He could access it as soon as he had devoured Melchiah's soul and obtained the phasing through gates ability. By jumping into the west end of the lake at the heart of the Necropolis, he could either walk along the lakebed or swim due east, through a winding tunnel, to reach its eastern alcove, with two underwater grates. Alternatively, he could use an exit from the upper floor of the Necropolis' elevator room to find this enclosure.[SR1-C3][SR1]

One of the grates blocked off a recess with a health power-up. The other led directly up a ramp to a dry, isolated chamber – the Force Glyph altar. To obtain the glyph, Raziel was obliged to solve a simple puzzle. The place contained three pillars, arranged in such a fashion that toppling them would cause them to converge at the room's center, forming the Force Glyph symbol. It also harbored an enigmatic statue of Nupraptor's Head. By shoving the pillars to the floor, Raziel activated the statue, causing its eyelids to open. Beams of pure, white light radiated from its eyes to the heart of the room, and the Force Glyph promptly emerged from above, ready to be claimed.[SR1][1]


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The other five obtainable glyphs in Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver were intended to be represented by a glyph altar and an accompanying forge, where the Soul Reaver could be imbued with elemental powers, such as Sound, Stone, Sunlight, and Water. The Force Glyph is the sole exception; no sources support the idea that a Force Reaver was ever planned. Therefore, the Force Glyph altar was the only Force-associated location designed for the game.[2][3]




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