The fire demons reprised their role in Defiance as well and were used as enemy for both Raziel and Kain.


Defiance fire demons deviate slightly from the appearance of the ones in SR2. The horns on their back are now sharper and prolonged and their colour is more fiery red than the faded colour of SR2 fire demons. Their front teeth have been changed to include a row of sharp teeth, unlike the SR2 fire demons, which had only two larger ones.


The Defiance fire demons served the same purpose as before - they were first encountered within Avernus Cathedral and had to be fought to proceed further. Kain also encountered them in the Vampire Citadel.


  • as Defiance does not include bare hands as a fighting option, they cannot be killed by twisting their necks as Raziel did in SR2,
  • they are devoid of having a soul for Raziel to devour due to technical limitations, however, the wraithblade can still be fed,
  • they do not talk anymore unlike in SR2,
  • they have a belly button.