Nosgoth's earliest history included all events before Nosgoth's recorded history prior to the Vampire-Hylden war.


Little was known of Nosgoth's genesis. The Elder God described himself as "eternally present – here and everywhere; now and always,"[SR2-C2] "the Engine of Life [itself], the source of Nosgoth's very existence,"[SR2-C5][DEF-C2][DEF-C13] and "the origin of [all] Life."[SR2-C5][DEF-C13] However, Raziel and Kain disbelieved his claims.[SR2-C2][SR2-C5][DEF-C2][DEF-C13] Nevertheless, he was active in this period, orchestrating worship of the Wheel of Fate and the Vampire-Hylden war.[DEF-C10]

Life in the Material Realm, including the "Elder races"[BO2-C8] – the ancient Vampires and the Hylden – and the humans, came into existence. According to a Hylden scientist, "when [the humans] were but hairless apes cowering in caves, [the Hylden] gave [them] all that [they] had."[BO2-C11]

The ancient, primitive cult responsible for constructing a statue of the Elder God in the Subterranean Ruins may have been founded in this timeframe.[Eidos-Chris@Crystal]


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