Blood Omen 2 unseen character
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Introduced in • N/A (unseen character)
Race Human
Gender • Male
Birth era • The post-Blood Omen era
Status Wiki-Icon-BO2 Inactive: deceased
Titles • None/unknown
Territories • The Lower City, Meridian
Affiliation • None/unknown
Native realm Material Realm
Mentioned in Wiki-Icon-BO2

Durden was an unseen, yet named minor Human (non-player) character mentioned in Blood Omen 2.

Durden was a human who was apparently murdered by Vampires just prior to Kain's entry to the Lower City (or possibly before Kain's revival). In In Darkness We Gather as Kain entered the Lower City, he overheard two malepeasants discussing Durden's death[BO2] "last night" and how he had appeared drained of blood; being the third victim found - the story served to highlight the fears of Meridian's human population.[1]


Durden's story showed that there were Vampires still present in Meridian (several Peasant NPC's up to this point had shown doubt as to whether the vampires still existed, or this was just 'a front' for the Sarafan [2]). Durden's murderer is not known but it may be Sebastian given his later feedings in the Lower City[BO2].


  1. Wiki-Icon-BO2 First Man: "Hey, up there, heard the news about Durden?"//Second Man: "What’s that?"//First Man: "They found him last night, face down in the gutter."//Second Man: "Dead?"//First Man: "Bled white, he was."//Second Man: "Another one. That’s what, the third?"//First Man: "That we know of. You still so sure there’s no vampires in this city?"//Second Man: "There’s no saying what we can be sure of, anymore."//First Man: "Except to keep our doors locked at night."//Second Man: "And stay behind them." Crystal Dynamics. Blood Omen 2. (Eidos Interactive). PlayStation 2. (March 19, 2002) Transcript.
  2. Wiki-Icon-BO2 Man: "They’re here to protect us, that’s why."//Woman: "Then why so many?"//Man: "Well, we need a great deal of protection. The Seraphan have sworn to protect the people and destroy the vampire menace"//Woman: "Have you ever seen a vampire?"//Man: "Exactly. They’ve kept their promise."//Woman: "I’ll tell you what else they’ve kept – our tax money, that’s what."//Man: "Hush that talk. Someone may hear you." Crystal Dynamics. Blood Omen 2. (Eidos Interactive). PlayStation 2. (March 19, 2002) Transcript.

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