The Draining Leash of a Dreadnaught Archon


The Draining Leash of a Reaper Archon

Draining Leash, also known as Energy Draining Leash, was an enemy ability that was used by Archons in Legacy of Kain: Defiance.


Draining Leash was used in Defiance by both the Reaper archons and Dreadnaught archons. In using the ability, the archons would first strike Raziel and this would allow them to open a tether of spectral energy through which they could siphon and drain Raziel's Health coil to replenish themselves.[DEF][1]


  • As with other enemy abilities, the draining leash ability is not directly named in game. It is however directly listed as such as a special attack of the Reaper Archons and Dreadnaught archons in the enemies section of Prima's Official Strategy Guide - Legacy of Kain: Defiance, where it is titled as "Drainng Leash" for the Reaper Archons and "Energy Draining Leash" for the Dreadnaught archons and is described as a "leash-like chain of energy".[1]
  • Although it is only explicitly listed as an ability in Defiance, the Draining Leash ability bears a remarkable resemblance to the unnamed ability used by Spectral entities such as Vampire wraiths, Revived vampires and the revived Dumah to drain Raziel's health in Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver - both are used by species and individuals that have adapted to the Spectral Realm and learnt to consume souls or soul energy, both require an initial wound to be opened, both consist of a similar blue/purple band and both form a 'leash' of sort that can be broken by distance or damage. Arguably Draining Leash may be considered to be the same ability with updated visuals. Another ability that is highly related is Constricting, which again uses a similar spectral band and may have been directly developed from the vampire wraith ability.[DEF][SR1]


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