The Conflict Guardian was the individual born to represent, serve, and protect the Pillar of Conflict, one of the Pillars of Nosgoth. All Pillar Guardians belonged to the oligarchy of sorcerers known as the Circle of Nine.


The Conflict Guardians were individuals chosen by the Pillar of Conflict to fulfill its role.

Though the guardian's primary role is varied and vague, one can safely assume that they were chosen to protect the other members of the Circle, thus they were given abilities suitable for their role as a stronghold. They are trained intensively in various forms of combat, given new insights on weaponry and usage (thus, whenever new weapons emerge, one can assume that they can learn to use it only in a short while), usage of defensive and offensive magic, and immortality to retain their combat prowess.

Terms related to the Pillars of Nosgoth

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