The Balance Guardian was the individual born to represent, serve, and protect the Pillar of Balance, one of the Pillars of Nosgoth. All Pillar Guardians belonged to the oligarchy of sorcerers known as the Circle of Nine.

These incarnations of Balance influenced the regulation of other magic in Nosgoth, and governed their peers.[DC-SKFAQ][DEF-Fankit] They were responsible for pruning corrupt forces within the Circle. Guardians of Balance could draw upon their fellow members' abilities, or build up their own, to destroy other Guardians should they go astray.[DCab]


"As Ariel dies, I am being born to take her place as Balance Guardian.
Such is my destiny.
―Kain — Listen (file info)[src]


The Balance Guardian is the most important out of all the Pillar Guardians. He or she preserves the balance in the land. The Balance Guardian token is the Guardian´s own soul.

There have been four Balance Guardians seen in the games. First one was the original Ancient vampire Balance Guardian as seen in the murals, then he was replaced by a human, possibly the same one which Vorador kills in the opening cinematic of Blood Omen, then by Ariel who was succeeded by Kain.



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