The Air Reaver was a permanent elemental enhancement for the Wraith Blade created by the Ancient Vampires and wielded by Raziel in Legacy of Kain: Defiance.



The Air Reaver in the artifact room

With none of the Reaver fonts previously used to imbue the temporary enhancements making an appearance in Defiance, Raziel was forced to find more permanent alterations to the Wraith Blade[DEF], with the Air Reaver the fourth of these enhancements that Raziel found[DEF-C6].

Shortly after Raziel passed the Pillars of Nosgoth and began to make his way towards Vorador's Mansion he discovered a sealed chamber and a Warp gate that transported him to the Air Forge within the Vampire Citadel. Defeating the spirits of the original Ancient vampire Original Guardian of the Mind and Dimension Guardians he was able to power the Soul conduit at the heart of the forge and use it to absorb their souls into the Wraith Blade, imbuing the Wraith blade with elemental Air to create the permanent Air Reaver, which could be selected at will.[DEF][DEF-C6]

The Air Reaver manifested as an white cored blade with white waving energy. The Air Reaver could be used to activate Air plinths to provide a strong updraught of air, allowing Raziel to glide to higher surfaces. In combat the Air Reaver could be used to spin and disorientate targets with its Charged attacks, whilst its Reaver spells spawned small whirlwinds which blew enemies backwards.[DEF][1]


  • The Air Reaver was first featured in a more temporary form in Soul Reaver 2[SR2]. Though not explained in Defiance, the loss of the Reaver fonts (necessitating finding permanent enhancements) was intended to be attributed to the actions of the Elder God, though this detail was cut from the final game.[2]
  • The Charged attack and Reaver spell of the Air Reaver were originally to have featured in Soul Reaver 2 gained from a separate Air Reaver augmentation but the enhancement was ultimately cut from that game.[3]
  • Curiously the order the Reavers are acquired subtly changes between Soul Reaver 2 and Defiance, with Air and Fire Swapping places - The Air Reaver is gained third before the Fire Reaver in Soul Reaver 2[SR2], but fourth in Defiance, where it is gained after the equivalent Fire Reaver[DEF-C6].



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