Agnes was an unseen, yet named, minor human character in Blood Omen 2. She was the spouse of a peasant whom Kain bypassed in the Slums of Meridian.


"My Agnes will have my head."
―First Man[src]

In the post-Blood Omen era, Agnes resided with her husband in Meridian's Lower City during the Hylden Lord's regime. Shortly after his awakening, whilst training with Umah, Kain encountered Agnes's husband and another male peasant, discussing how they were to get home after the Sarafan had closed the whole of the Lower City for the night. The husband suspected that his wife, Agnes, would have trouble accepting this explanation for his absence.[BO2-C1][BO2-Misc]


  • Etymologically, the name Agnes has been variously translated as "pure", "holy", "chaste", or "sacred".



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