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Acid demons
Soul Reaver 2 enemy
Acid demons as they appear in Soul Reaver 2.
Introduced in Wiki-Icon-SR2 Soul Reaver 2 (2002)
Race Demons
Aliases • "demonba" (debug name)
• Blade demons
Eras • The post-Blood Omen era
Nosgoth's early history
Territories • The Sarafan Stronghold
• The Subterranean Ruins
• The Swamp
Affiliation • The post-banishment Hylden
Temperament • Hostile to demon hunters
• Hostile to the Sarafan
• Loyal to demons
Weapons • None
Abilities • Acid stream attack
• Double chop attack
Vulnerabilities • None
Soul? • Yes (inhuman)
Plane SR2-Icon-RingMenu-Shift Material Realm
SR2-Icon-RingMenu-Shift Spectral Realm
Appearances Wiki-Icon-SR2

Acid Demons, sometimes known as Blade Demons, were a Demon variant encountered by Raziel as an enemy in the Post-Blood Omen and Early History eras in Soul Reaver 2.


Acid demons were green skinned, hunchbacked demons with muscular bodies. They were shorter than other demons and possessed bladed arms that they used as offensive weapons[SR2].

Acid demons were formidable as close-range opponents, utilizing a range of powerful chops and a devastating Double Chop attack, while at long ranges they expelled a powerful stream of acid. Acid demons were proficient at blocking attacks and defensive manoeuvres but were vulnerable to sidestepping counters and mixed combinations and low strikes[1][2]. Like all the demons Raziel fought in Soul Reaver 2, Acid demons could follow him into the spectral realm and could also create combat barriers to prevent Raziel from escaping[3][1][2].

Raziel first encountered Acid demons in the Demon-infested Sarafan Stronghold shortly after he emerged from its Time-streaming chamber in the Post-Blood Omen era. They would frequently be encountered throughout that era, particularly in the Swamp, Subterranean Pillars chambers and Mountains[SR2]. When Raziel continued his quest into Nosgoth's early history, Acid demons were among the Demon enemies that appeared (apparently 'transported' from the Post-Blood Omen era) and confronted Raziel as he attempted to return to the Sarafan Stronghold; again they confronted him in the Mountains and Subterranean Pillars Chambers[SR2].


  • Acid Demons are referred to as "demonba" in game files[SR2].
  • Many demons variants in Soul Reaver 2 share similarities with their Blood Omen counterparts; Acid demons notably have a similar color and similar toxic attack to the Ogres seen in Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain[BO1]; though it is unclear if the Soul Reaver 2 demons were intended as re-interpretations of Blood Omen's demons or simply different demon races. Acid Demons also share a similar attack to the green Lesser demons of Blood Omen 2 and have blade arms like the Hylden warriors and Shield guardian of Blood Omen 2[BO2].
  • Acid demons are the only Demon variant in Soul Reaver 2 that does not openly taunt Raziel upon their appearance in Nosgoth's early history[SR2].
  • Acid demons, like other demon enemies, are presumably native to the Demon Realm and affiliated with the Hylden.




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